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Telephone: 250-718-8856
Email: info@okanaganparenting.com

OKANAGAN PARENTING SUPPORT & COUNSELLING is an Okanagan-based support, advice and counselling firm specializing in parenting and family support for parents and caregivers that want help and support in their parenting.  Sometimes parents don't know what to do, how to solve behavioral issues, how to reach their withdrawn child, how to discipline their child who is out of control, or how to help and heal their child who is hurting.

Services include counsel, support, and advocacy, as well as lifeskills, relationship/communication support, occupational and rehabilitational support, health and medical system support, mental health support, and legal system support for all members of a family. 

We work across Canada and are mobile, meaning that clients can come to our office in Kelowna, BC or we will travel to them.  We also book telephone, email and Skype appointments, for clients who are unable to meet in-person.  For clients outside of BC, contact us for appointment options and cost. 

  Our lead facilitator and counsellor is Deana Van Fleet. She is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, and a Christian Counsellor working with Okanagan Christian Counselling

Deana works with her team of parenting experts, healthcare practitioners, and counsellors. 

We adhere to both Canadian and American safe, fair and confidential "Professional Counselling Practices".

We provide our clients with emotional, spiritual and psychological safety and confidentiality. 

We work with, counsel and teach/train individuals, families, corporate groups, community organizations, justice groups, school/teaching organizations etc.


Everybody is in need sometimes.  Needing some support and counsel is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength for yourself, your family, for your marriage, for your children.  Let us help.  We are available.


Okanagan Parenting Support & Counselling

Telephone: 250-718-8856
Email: info@okanaganparenting.com


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