Okanagan Parenting Support & Coaching is an Okanagan BC-based support, advice and counselling firm specializing in parenting and family support for parents and caregivers that want help, training, and support in their parenting. Sometimes parents don't know what to do, how to solve behavioural issues, how to reach their withdrawn or hurting child, or how to discipline their child who is out of control.

Services include coaching, support, advocacy, lifeskills, relationship/communication support and teaching, occupational and rehabilitational support, health and medical system support, and mental health support.

We work across Canada and are mobile; clients can be in person at our office in Kelowna BC or we can and will travel as needed. We also work by video and telephone.


Our Services

Parenting can be really tough. Sometimes we don't know what to do or how to best do it. Sometimes it takes specialized help and support to figure things out and make things better.

* Parenting help, coaching, support and advocacy for the parent
* Pregnancy support and birth coaching
* Prenatal and New Parent classes
* Advocacy and Support
* Teaching and Training


Telephone or text: 250-718-8856